Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raising The Sails

Another sailing post.  Our crusty old sea-dog Capt. Neil was a Scotsman.  Here he is giving his morning Captain's Talk.  I never missed this -  his version of the history of whatever island we would be visiting that day was totally irreverent and absolutely hilarious.

We did not have room for a couple of real bagpipers on board (and too bad because I would have enjoyed that even though my agoraphobia meter was red-lining)...anyway, Capt. Neil had the bagpiping version of Amazing Grace played as the sails were raised daily.  Without kidding, the memory of those huge sails raising, the bagpipes, the fresh morning sea air, and the snap of the canvas when the sail caught the wind, well, it makes me cry in a very good way.  Very beautiful.  And yes, we did 'help' pulling the ropes.  I have a photo somewhere of me doing just that, but don't know where it is (I'm not looking very hard either).

Getting the sails ready

The Flying Jib going up

The Main Stay Sail going up

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