Sunday, February 13, 2011

At Karanambu

Some photos of the buildings around Karanambu Ranch

The gathering place: dining room, lounge, library. 

Marilynn on her way to check out the Red-capped Cardinals at the feeders

Lucy & Richard near their cabin

My abode

See that orange cat?  Well, he's very, very old and has been in a lot of fights over the years.  Anyone surprised that I spent an hour or so petting and scratching his head? 

One of the original ranch buildings

Satelite dish and solar panels

Staff housing, the laundry drying in the breeze,

Ah, late afternoon rum punch!  Marilynn & I, doing some reading.  Diane is pouring drinks.

Life is good at Karanambu

The two photos I'm in are courtesy of Martin.  Tks.


  1. Well thanks for stopping by my little nature blog. Its always fun to meet a new blogger. I see you are the adventurous type. :) I'm somewhat of a novice in the birding field (3rd year) but enjoying it, fishing , hiking, , outsdoors.

  2. Hello troutbirder, hope you come by again.

  3. Love all these trip photos. Looks like an amazing place.

  4. Glad you are enjoying them, Brenda. I really liked Guyana, pretty well everything about it especially once we got into the interior.