Saturday, February 5, 2011

St. George's Cathedral, Georgetown

This place is wow-worthy, whether you like religious architecture etc or not.  I am fascinated by huge, old buildings and the results of a myriad of tradesmen talents that produced these structures. 

I believe this is the South-facing side.  We entered the cathredral via the right door. 

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Since I am not a Believer and my childhood church-going time was spent in a small, rural Lutheran church, I don't know the names of the areas or of the special appointments in the place.  Sorry.  Here's a website that does inform of these things 

The interior is magnificently enormous.

The stained glass windows are very lovely.  It was raining outside so we didn't see sun shining through.

The pipes - I didn't go behind to see the organ itself. 

Several plaques dedicated to the memory of outstanding community members adorned the walls.  This one particularly caught my imagination - the imagination of what it would have been like to arrive in Georgetown circa 1817.  This doctor would have been 21 years old.

That sentiment - of imagining what Georgetown was like in its colonial glory days - stayed with me throughout our time here.  It must have been quite beautiful.  Now it is a very faded glory, bordering on derelict.  We talked with a fellow who had grown up in Georgetown (likely 40-45 years ago).  He said it pains him to go to the city now.  In his day, there was a pride in the city; houses and gardens were beautiful and well-kept; the streets were clean and safe.  Now, unfortunately, there is garbage everywhere, the streets and sidewalks need repair. 

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