Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going to Karanambu

After Arrowpoint we headed back through Georgetown to the old airport, Ogle International,

And after a suitable amount of time, we climbed into this airplane

Packed in like sardines, that's the aisle between Clif and I

One of Martin's photos, thanks.
 We're Up

A view of residential Georgetown, the Atlantic Ocean and a haze of smog

Rice paddies and whatever else.  The Dutch settled this area first - and we all know how much they like to build canals.  They are needed here, as Georgetown is a meter or so below sea level.  A seawall protects the city (unless in a terrific high tide, which happened earlier in 2010 - the seawall is being raised, work was going on when we were there).

A mining operation leaving a nasty scar on the landscape.  Guyana has gold and bauxite.  This one is likely gold.

The interior is a glorious, vast pristine forest.  There's a single flowering tree down there.

A savanna-type landscape below, I wonder if we're getting close to Karanambu?

Yes, that looks like a landing strip.

It is.

We are here.  Elaine is happy and Roy is making sure his camera gear gets off the plane.

Martin is watching the plane take off again.  That's Jerry, one of the ranch staff

And here's our ride.  That's a circa 1956 Jeep.  There's another even older one at the ranch.  (Note the Hoatzin painted on the plane's tail)

Karanambu Savanna

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