Monday, February 7, 2011

Elaine & Clif

Time to meet two other members of our little birding and adventure party. 

Elaine and Clif, from the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario. 

My Tilley (hat) had company this trip.  Clif is the only person I've met so far who has managed to wear out or otherwise destroy a Tilley hat, twice!  The company, true to its word, replaced the hats.  [Go here to find out why you should have a Tilley hat.]

Elaine, The Spotter.  No kidding, birding tour companies ought to hire this woman to come along and spot birds for them.   I consider myself to be a pretty good spotter of the little feathered beasties, but Elaine totally blew me out of the trees. 

She was just warming up in this photo at Arrowpoint. 

By the time we reached Surama (in a few days), she was in top form.  Thanks to her, we all picked up several Lifer woodpeckers, a jacamar or two, and many other difficult-to-see birds. 

Yes, Clif and Elaine are great people and terrific adventure companions - exactly the sort of people one hopes will be in the group.  We had many laughs. 

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