Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meeting Marilynn & Martin

My Guyana trip really started at the airport in Toronto.  A slushy storm had moved into the area during the day.  Greg, Holly & Henry attempted to get me out to Pearson Int'l, but it soon was decided finding me a taxi would be a better idea.  I arrived at the airport well ahead of time.  However, as usual, I had a bit of flight departure anxiety.  I'm not super familiar with Pearson, so when I got to the Caribbean Air check-in, I started talking with the people ahead of me in the line-up (just to make sure I was in the right place - besides, I talk with everyone anyway).  In the course of that conversation, I mentioned places I was going to in Guyana.  A voice from behind said "Excuse me, are you with Eagle-Eye?".  "Yes, I am". 

And so I met Marilynn

and Martin

two of the people with whom I would be travelling for the next couple of weeks.  They both live in Toronto and are long-time travelling and birding friends.  They are lovely people and very amusing company. 

Not only would we be in Guyana together, they had booked the same days in Trinidad at the Asa Wright Nature Centre as I had. 

The coincidences were strong that day!

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