Thursday, February 10, 2011

Richard, Lucy and Roy

Rounding out our group of eight:

Roy from the San Fransisco area of California.  Roy is a photographer.  He packed around a massive lens. 

He is an elderly gentleman and unfortunately the heat and humidity of a couple of our longer walks pretty much tuckered him right out. 

He spent most of the trip taking photos of whatever birds and animals were lurking around the lodges.

He's been a bird watcher and traveller all his life.  He had many stories to tell.

Lucy and Richard from Edmonton.  Richard was our trip leader; Lucy is his wife and is a botanist.  Yay.  We were lucky to have a double-whammy of knowledge with us this trip.  Birds and Plants.  Plants are my second favourite things to look at when I'm on a tropical trip. 

This trip was a tour with Eagle-Eye Tours, Windermere, BC.  Check them out next time you want to go somewhere on a birding/nature trip.  I will travel with this company again.

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