Saturday, February 19, 2011

GBBC Interruption - Hedwig

This weekend is The Great Backyard Bird Count - another entertaining but rather mis-named birding event in that one's counts aren't limited at all to 'the backyard'.  (Note:  the photo of the robin on the GBBC link above was taken my friend Nick Saunders, Saskatoon, SK). 

Yesterday it was cold and snowy so I stayed home to watch and record the progression of bird species around my yard.  Today I decided to go for a drive around my usual country birding route.  That didn't produce as much as I hoped.  I was really wanting to find some owls - specifically Snowy and Great Horned.  

I dipped on the GHOWs but finally found this Snowy Owl  Bubo scandiacus, an adult female, I think, some 50-60 kms away along #18 Hwy near the farm where I grew up.  Always fun to drive around the old stomping grounds.

Harry Potter's owl, Hedwig, was a Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl is the provincial bird of Quebec.

Beautiful bird.


  1. I think these are my favourite owls - I tend to say that about every owl I find, but I really do think the Snowy is It.

  2. Gorgeous! I would love to see a Snowy that close.