Monday, February 7, 2011

Off to Arrowpoint

So finally one afternoon, we set off for Arrowpoint Lodge/Resort.  Yay.  It felt good to be leaving the city.  I had been in Georgetown for two days by this time, did the afternoon of sight-seeing around town, had had an early morning of birding Abary River (Rufous Crab Hawks, Blood-coloured Woodpeckers, etc), our group had been out on the Mahaica River to see the egrets and hoatzins, and we had spent a morning at the Botanical Gardens. 

Now we were setting off for some jungle adventures.  We crossed the Demerara River

And went up the quiet and beautiful Kumuni Creek

The Amerindian Arawak people live along the river

Here's a fellow taking some cut lumber into town to sell

And a couple more - the river is the highway

It's a peaceful place        

Arrow Trees  (I haven't tracked down the genus & species for this plant yet)  The big, sturdy leaf stems grow straight and are used for, yep, arrows.   

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