Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogger's Block

My blogging enthusiasm and inspiration seems to be at a low ebb at the moment.  I have two blog posts on 'hold' because I can't seem to conjure up the words to fit a little story line I want - goodness knows, I more or less comment on photos - this shouldn't be all that hard to do!   

Hopefully I will get my head sorted out in another day or two.  I have a few distractions at the moment, plus I am so tired of winter.  Every year I find it a little harder to deal with the snow, the cold, the parkas & boots, the cold, the snow - am I repeating myself?  

I will get it together soon, though. 


  1. I've hit those dead ends on writing an interesting story myself. It always come back though. Just don't try to force it. On the other hand if you keep putting up pictures like that gorgeous snowy owl you took... who needs words. I'd give about anything to see one of those but they don't come this far south i.e. southeastern Minnesota.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, TB. Having Snowy Owls around does make the coldness of the Great White Northern Winter a little easier to take.