Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crab for Lunch

What is better than fresh-caught crab for lunch?

Nothing, as far as this little one is concerned

It's a mink - a wet mink; officially, an American Mink  (Mustela vison)

You know, there are always people who have to stop and gawk when they see someone with a camera, obviously trying to take a photo.  I had just spotted this little mink.  It had just snaffled a big crab and was settling in for a good meal.

There was an older gent slowly driving along the causeway at Rafferty.  Sure as heck, he had to stop - and create a loud noise - like accidentally leaning on the car horn.  Mink gave me a quick, miffed sort of look and decided to take its' lunch to some quieter, more private spot. 

Bye & bon apetit

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