Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Estevan Area Flooding - Roche Percee

More photos from our local flooding disaster going on - from the Roche Percee and Shand areas.  I'll return to the regular birdy sort of blogging soon.  Meanwhile, I guess I'm as mesmerized by the water levels in the Souris as anyone.  Some people who read this blog are originally from this part of Saskatchewan, now living far away.  So this is what is going on 'around home'.

Old concrete bridge at Roche Percee  (as always, click on pic to enlarge, if you want to)

In Roche Percee

A couple of dogs sloshing along their road

Pallets of sandbags at the ready

Where Short Creek pours into the Souris, just west of Roche Percee

Upstream side

This is the Souris crossing south of Shand Power Plant.  There are two super huge steel culverts under the road (both of which are underwater)

Upstream whirlpools where water is sucking through the culverts

Downstream eddies and currents

Along the road south side of river, still south of Shand

Later, I will post some 'before' photos of some of these places, if I can find them.


  1. OMG I am flabragasted.. I used to live in taht valley first at woodlawn park then Roche percee... I am heartbroken at the damage that is being accumulated... I send all my heartfelt prayers to all the famillies.. MY Name is
    Fay Blondeau(BAthie)
    Alexandria Ontario

  2. My family has a house down in Roche Percee. Unfortunately I am in Calgary for my schooling and can't get down there to help sandbag. Keep the pictures coming so I can stay updated.

  3. Can anyone tell me what happened to the house that was along the south east side of the old Roche Percee concrete bridge??? or even better have some pics??? My brother use to live there!

  4. For those of you who commented a few months ago, I'm sorry for not replying. Computer problems at the time, didn't see the comment notification. My apologies. For those of you with family in Roche Percee, unfortunately, almost all of the homes in the lower older part and elsewhere close by the river were destroyed or will need to be destroyed.
    Best to all