Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mr. Meadowlark says...

Good Morning!!!!

This cheerful Western Meadowlark (Sternella neglecta) was singing his little heart out.  Absolutely the most up-lifting of bird songs out here in the Prairies.

Sorry about the lack of blogging.  Spring Fever is in effect.  It's also Allergy Season for me.  When I'm not outside doing yard work, or off birding, or going for a walk, I'm inside in a slight stupor letting the allergy meds take over.


  1. Uplifting indeed! I love their song!

    Bummer about the allergies! Yikes.

  2. I love the Western Meadowlark song more than any other. Never fails to bring a smile. As for the allergies - eh! Life Long - some days are worse than others; early spring and late fall tend to be the worst.