Monday, April 18, 2011

Pelicans! In the Sunshine

Oh, for the love of pete, don't we all need a sunshine break!  These recent posts have been so dull, grey & gloomy.  Boooo. 

Here's a bright and sunny pic of the pelicans when they first landed at Rafferty - and before the major flooding really started - only a week ago. 

More pelicans to follow.  I like pelicans. 

Oh, and those rocks the birds are standing on....well, now under a couple feet of water.  (click on pic to enlarge, if you want to)


  1. How cool, what a colorful pic of a bunch of white birds!

  2. Thanks Nicole. Early morning sun and the birds happy to pose in their fresh breeding colours. Pelicans are fun birds to watch.

  3. Nice shots. They are, shall we say, elegantly awkward looking birds with a certain air of majesty. :) Too much water there, I'd say.

  4. Very well put, TB, that IS what's so great about pelicans - "..elegantly awkward..with a certain air of majesty". I love it.
    And yes, there is too much water around, but we really aren't in terrible jeopardy. It's all much worse in areas north and east.