Monday, April 18, 2011

WaterWorld at Oungre Park

Oungre Park.  You know, The Park, as it was referred to when I was growing up in the area...well, it's sort of under water at the moment.  (By the way, click on the pix to enlarge, if you want to.)

There's no space between the water and the bottom of the bridge

The ball diamond is under water - happens most years - just not this much water

A bunch of trailers and RVs were parked over there

Most have been relocated to the parking lot.

The park has a different name now, something like Souris Valley Community Complex (I should have taken a photo of the sign....).  It is located about a mile north of Oungre, SK on Hwy #35.  Quite a nice little spot.


  1. Loved the park pix K. Thanks

  2. You're welcome, Brian. I thought you want to see what's happening other there. I'm hoping for a sunny day soon to go out and take some more. It's been so dark and overcast lately.

    I guess the Bow is so regulated you don't get much rise in the water near your place.

  3. They lowered the Bow 2 weeks ago to crack up the remaining ice. Then they raised it the next day to flush out the ice. So it's cleared off, but very normal levels (no flooding). We too are seeing a lot of robins.