Saturday, April 16, 2011

Estevan Area Flood

I don't know who took these aerial photos; they were forwarded around in emails yesterday.

This one is of a few new houses recently constructed or under construction.  The location is across from the soccer field at Woodlawn - that's the Souris Valley Theatre building in the centre left.

And this is just west of Outram, along #18 highway.  Emmels & Yergens.  This is snow melt flooding.

Now I'm not really sure where this is; somewhere in the Outram/Torquay area.  All that water is obscuring my reference landmarks!

This one Larry Preddy took at Woodlawn Park a few days ago


  1. Really Kathy...
    I can't believe you don't recognize the location of your second last pic. It's just north of Hwy 18, and just east of the Bromhead Road. So it's like 2 miles southwest of your farm. More specifically, it's between Daryl M's farm and the Bromhead cemetery. The bottom right corner just misses the Long Creek bridge on Hwy 18.

  2. Ha! You know, Brian, I was positive that was 'my' part of Long Creek...but I started second guessing myself while I was writing up this post. Was it? Hmmm?!? And I decided I didn't recognize the line-up of bins at the right... HA! I was out there today. Got some ground level photos. Will post shortly.

  3. OMG I used to live at Woodlawn Park.. I am devastated at the damage incurred... this is Horrible ..When I moved from that area we moved to Roche Percee and now I see that it is also in Jeopardy... MY heartfelt prayers go out to all the famillies that have to endure this disaster..I now live in Alexandria ontario and appreciate the pictures that someone has so faithfully posted..keep Up the great work...
    Fay Blondeau (Bathie)
    Alexandria Ont..

  4. sorry to say those are all old photos. the house surrounded by berms is now lost and the photo of woodlawn is now just trees sticking out of water. even Ambassador village is on evac notice!