Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taylorton Bridge No Longer Under Water

A day makes a difference.  The Souris water level has dropped a couple of feet in the past 24 hours. 

Here is Taylorton Bridge as of this afternoon

River is still high

Lovely blue sky and puffy clouds

Tracks in the silt on the washed-over road.  Mink, I think

Not quite idyllic, but getting better.....

(As always, click on pix to enlarge, if you want to)


  1. Good news. Hope their wasn't a lot of damage...

  2. Individuals would argue this, but no, not a lot of damage. We are very sparsely populated here. Rafferty Dam is very good water control - we just had more run-off than we've come to expect this year.

  3. My grandparents alfred and Agnus Blondeau used to live up on the hill to the left and on a hill east of that sugarloaf hill .. As a child I played on that hill and we used to swim in that river...I am very homesick seeing this devastation...
    Fay Blondeau (BAthie)
    Alexandria ONt