Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taylorton Bridge is Under Water!

I have never seen this before. 

This is the Souris River, at Roche Percee Park, east of Estevan.

Roche Percee and more Souris River flooding photos to come....

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  1. That is unbelievable! Good capture on a very 'watery' situation! Really enjoyed all your photos. We're still flooded on a lot of land around here - north of us the bridge crossing is still under water and the fields are lakes. The Lewvan water is just starting to come through and this channel goes into the Souris also so you will be getting still lots more water down your way through the Souris River runoff. Sure makes lots of areas for waterfowl to practice swimming. We're not used to seeing Redheads, Swans, etc swimming around on grainland!! :-)
    Hard to believe so many roads weren't accessible! You had a great capture of it all in your photos! Thanks. Val